Why I Like The 9.3x62 Even More

Steven Bezanson, Massachusetts, USA:

The 9.3×62 is a very easy cartridge to reload, I got clover leaf groups with the first load I tried at 100 yards. My loads are super accurate in my CZ550 American with manageable recoil. I have used it on pigs, whitetail deer, black bear and moose, with great success and excellent terminal performance.
Why I like the 9.3×62 even more, is that it causes very little damage on my valuable meat, regardless of range. Just big exit holes and very little travel distance on any animal. I never lost an animal, that’s what is amazing about this cartridge. It just does the job without removing fillings from your teeth. I will tell you this, I have hunted black bears with it and I fear nothing in the woods carrying my 9.3.
This was during the lottery hunt in 2015. I am far right. That moose was taken on Maine with my 9.3×62, Norma Oryx 286 grain factory load, 150 yards. Bullet went from right shoulder crease to left shoulder and shattered shoulder bone.

Bullet found just under skin on left side of Moose.

 I am on right side with my pig at my left, taken with the 9.3.×62 Mauser CZ550 American, Norma Oryx 286 grain. My son on the left side of photo, using a modified tactical stock Mosin Nagant 31 7.62x54R with handloads. These were high fence, pure bred russians. We both think the russian boar have a better taste to the meat.

Whitetail deer, 2017 North Carolina, USA. 40 yards, 9.3 x 62 Norma Oyx 286 grain factory. Exit wound on right flank. Not a lot of meat damage and dropped dead, not even a twitch.