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The list of contributors to the 9.3 Journal, reads like an All-Star movie cast. Larry Schuknecht introduces us to Herr Bock and cartridge guru and author of several books and countless magazine articles, Pierre van der Walt, is synonymous with the 9.3 Journal. The reader gets to hunt with famous Dr. Kevin “Doctari” Robertson and his Brno 9.3×62 in the Zimbabwean hunting concessions while former editor of African Outfitter Magazine, Dr. Mauritz Coetsee introduce the reader to both the 9.3×74 as well as the 9.3×62. Don “Ganyana” Heath has his last say on an angry elephant he had to put down using his 9.3×62 and a single Norma Mono solid. Frequent contributor to the Hatari Times magazine, Dr. Lucas Potgieter, hunts buffalo shoulder to shoulder with a 9.3×62 wielding Rhodesian farmer while Namibian farmer, Hercules Botha sort out a problem bull elephant on his farm.

This is a celebration of the 9.3 X 62 Mauser – that old, grand old work horse that covered generations of hunting years and still does. Its adherents are diehards who refuse to budge from the classic, old-style rifle. It is great for African plains game or deer hunting in America, with its superb accuracy and light recoil. The variety of game animals and settings makes this one of the most interesting cartridges ever produced.

This book is a must for all serious enthusiast who own or shoot the 9.3 x 62 Mauser Cartridge, and will become an important reference for the avid hunter of big game around the world who want to hunt with bullet to stop a charge! It is a full-colour book with over 600 pages of information and data on cartridge development, ballistics, handloading recipes, articles, interviews, technical information and much, much more.

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Wonderful Book!

February 2, 2022

I wanted to thank you again for putting this wonderful book together. I have ordered a second copy as I made a gift of my first copy to a gunmaker friend of mine named Walter Kolouch. I read the first 100 pages before “losing” my copy to him. I wanted to share this expanding appreciation for your work in North America, and wish you well.

David Cushman

Amazing book

January 22, 2022

I got my copy, it is an amazing book, so much information!

Karl Nunn

Terrific information

January 22, 2022

It is a terrific amount of information on the KING of caliber. A medium bore that always performs like a big bore. Hendrik has definitely created a masterpiece!

Chris Barnard

My new bible!

January 3, 2022

Just Arrived….my new bible!

Enrico Andreoli

Excellent source of information.

June 29, 2022

9.3×62 Journal, an excellent source of information for the ones that own the 9.3 or just any one interested in this historical cartridge. I recommend this book to anyone that knows this cartridge.

John Wasmuth

I could not put it down

May 28, 2022

A Review – by Mick Castellan

Having waited to receive my copy of this Journal, I can say without doubt that it was well worth the wait. A articulate and well depicted Journal of the 9.3 X 62 caliber. While not being an avid reader, this is one I could not put down and consider this a collectable.

The caliber was first recommended to me by a World War 2 veteran, who used it to hunt a multitude of wildlife from Impala to Elephant with accurate and astounding bullet precision. As a matter of fact the shot is so penetrative one struggles to find the bullet thereafter.

As such in 1994, I went in search of my own 9.3 X 62 Mauser. At the time this type of rifle was unpopular and hard to find. As such I had one commissioned and never looked back.

Hendrik Van Der Schyff’s 9.3 X 62 Journal is a testament to this fact. Encompassing interesting and informative facts, with factual and accurate accounts experienced whilst hunting. Some of which, even a long term hunter, such as myself, delighted in reading.

I would highly recommend this Journal both to those who use the caliber:

– You will find yourselves nodding vigorously in many parts.

– And to those who have not yet had the privilege of using the 9.3 X 62 Mauser, you may find yourselves duely converted.

A warm thank you, to Hendrik Van Der Schyff, for the informative, well researched and easy to read Journal. A Journal every hunter should have as part of their collection. For it has lasted the test of time.

Whilst I could have purchased the book in soft copy, I found this 9.3X62 Journal to be one for the ages and occupies pride of place in my hunters cave.

Mick Castallan


April 25, 2022

I got the 9.3 book a few days ago…. BRILLIANT 👍 I’ve been glued to it. Love the detail and stories, especially on bullet construction and what works best on game. If you have or just love the 9.3 you need this book.


Good value for my money

March 14, 2022

Thoroughly enjoying my copy. Plenty of interesting stories, load data, history and photos. Most definitely good value for the money.

John Lacy

My ninethree

March 6, 2022

As I have only met a few ninethrees, I fell I love with it years ago. My go to is a Remington 03A3 sporterized with a Smith Carona 1943 parkrised barrel rebored from 30-06 to ninethree by 62! I shoots bug holes and here in America kills boars and whitetail like shooting squirrels with a 22 mag! Can’t wait to take it to Afrika to hunt Dugga boys some day!

Except for the regional pronunciation of certain words it was a great read but someone who definitely has an appreciation of the 9,3×62 cartridge and all those classic rifles!

Bob Brewer Jr

Absolutely fantastic

February 10, 2022

Got the book very quickly. Thank you, I am really enjoying the read. So glad this book was written. Unfortunetely, I have already sighted a Mauser action rifile in 9.3×62 that I now want to purchase. Wht a great read, I also like that there are a lot of us boer forefathers mentioned in the book. Baie dankie vir die wonderlike boek. So happy that I founf this book. Great read.

Bat Tru

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